US. Senate Moves To Rescind Trump Muslim Ban – Prepare For Tantrum


The Democrats are fighting back against Donald Trump’s most recent travesty.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is done taking sh*t from Donald Trump and this inhumane executive order is the final straw. Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday banning immigration and travel from seven Muslim-majority countries and preventing refugee entrance to the United States.

Thousands of people have flocked to airports in protest, and thousands more have spoken out via social media and other outlets, including many high profile individuals.

That said, with the exception of some federal judges approving habeas corpus petitions for detained people, there was no plan for how to stop this.

Senator Feinstein has come up with that plan, and if she is successful, the world will no doubt rejoice.

Feinstein has created two bills which she is going to try to push forward on Monday in relation to the travel and immigration ban. She describes the first as a means to immediately rescind the executive order, and the second as a preventative measure to limit executive power over immigration and such matters in the future.

In theory, this would stop the ban and prohibit Trump from being able to make any more rash decisions regarding immigration moving forward.

Feinstein first shared her disapproval via Twitter on Friday:

‘There is no legitimate reason to ban refugees – the vast majority of whom are women and children who have experienced absolute horror. I very much regret that the president has chosen this dark path for our country.’


She also near-simultaneously issued an official statement on the matter, which explicitly states that she considers this executive order and discrimination “unbelievable”. She reminded Americans of the “staggering human toll of this crisis [in Syria]” by retelling the story of the 3 year old Syrian boy who washed up dead on a beach. She dismissed any claims of the executive order serving a legitimate national security reason, and says that she is sorry that the relatives of her fellow Americans living in these countries are now not permitted to visit.

In a subsequent series of tweets Sunday, Feinstein expressed solidarity with protesters, and commended the ruling against Trump’s order:

‘The ruling against President Trump’s order is a victory for American values. To those who came out to… airports to stand up to this discriminatory order, I stand with you.’

Feinstein has clearly spent a lot of time thinking and reflecting on the situation at hand, as she also released a second official statement. In this statement, she slammed President Trump for a lack of consideration “to the chaos and heartbreak that would result from this order.”

Later, she shared the best part of her message: she has a solution.

Read her tweets on her plan to shut down Trump’s discrimination:

‘Congress must take swift action in response to President Trump’s discriminatory order. I am drafting two bills to introduce tomorrow.’

‘The first bill immediately rescinds the order. The second limits executive authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act.’

‘Under our bill, the president would not be able to unilaterally ban groups of immigrants.’


Now, Senator Feinstein, it is our turn to say we stand with you.

Feature Image via Getty Images/Manny Ceneta.