White House ‘Mole’ Leaks Alleged Details Of Trump/Putin Conversation, It’s Scary


From the Russian “pee pee” party allegations to the American intelligence community documents, Donald Trump has ties to Russia.

Despite his claims to the contrary, American intelligence agencies asserted with confidence that they had reason to believe President Trump is being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin, of Russia. The nature of this blackmail, or the degree to which those surrounding Trump believed it, however, was unknown until now.

An alleged member of Trump’s staff, known on Twitter as @RoguePOTUSStaff has provided new information in this saga of scandal and corruption.

They claim that Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and Reince Priebus (the “Unholy Trinity”) do not believe that Trump is not being blackmailed by Putin, in the slightest. Allegedly, the “Unholy Trinity” demanded to be permitted to listen in on the call that President Trump had with Putin, and felt worse about potential blackmail after the fact.

This White House whistleblower tweeted that President Trump was speaking “suspiciously” to Vladimir Putin, and urged Trump following the call to tell them the truth and “allow them to help.”

 ‘#UnholyTrinity insistence to monitor Putin call was due to concern POTUS hasn’t told fully story about Putin attempts at blackmail.’

‘After call, #Unholy Trinity do not seem to have had any fears allayed. POTUS behavior during call said to be suspicious. #POTUSindistress’

‘#UnholyTrinity urging POTUS that if Putin is compromising him to allow them to help. POTUS continues to deny, despite firm intelligence.’

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the information and the need for @RoguePOTUSStaff to retain their anonymity, the story can’t be fully verified.

However, Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary did let some information slide which seems to verify this story to some degree.

Through his official Twitter account, Spicer shared two photos from “head of government” calls: one, with the German Chancellor Merkel and one with Russian President Putin.

Simply looking at the photos indicate that only one observer was present for Trump’s conversation with Merkel, while five (including Spicer and/or the spare chair) are present for the call with Putin:


People around Trump seem to be less ignorant than previously expected, but just as shady.

Feature Image via Getty Images/Drew Angerer.