WWII Survivor Warns America That Trump Is The Next Hitler, Goes Viral In Seconds


This week, President Trump sparked international outrage after signing an executive order banning Muslims from entering the United States. For those who were previously skeptical to compare him to the likes of Adolf Hitler, now it seems their similarities remain almost impossible to dismiss. If you’re not totally convinced that this man is dangerous and should be feared, perhaps you’ll have a change of heart after reading this.

You see, we’re headed in a very disturbing direction, and many feel they’re left with no other choice but to speak up to warn Americans that something must be done to stop Trump before he completely destroys this country.

An 88-year-old woman who survived the utter atrocities of World War II under the Hitler regime has just shared her story for the first time ever.

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Image via Bastards For Progress.

NV, a survivor of the Nazi invasion and occupation of Antwerp, Belgium explains what it was like waking up one day in the early 1940’s when her life changed forever:

‘In early 1940 my mother, grandmother and I lived across the street from an army barracks. In the early morning of May the 10th, we were woken up by the sounds of sirens, heavy artillery, and explosions. We quickly went to the cellar to hide and waited until the bombing had subsided. When we left the house, an unexploded bomb was laying below our living room window.’

She continues, describing a scene likely impossible to forget:

‘When we rounded the corner the most horrible scene presented itself: Almost four complete city blocks had been destroyed, body parts were scattered all over. One scene I will never forget is when I managed to get to where my favorite candy store used to be, there was a severed leg stuck against a remaining wall.’

NV recalls being treated without a shred of human decency:

‘We sometimes stood in lines all night just to get a loaf of bread that was made with something other than flour. It was black, looked like uncooked dough, smelled bad, and grew mold within a few hours. We didn’t get sugar, we got saccharine to sweeten; there was no coffee, instead we got some kind of roasted grain the Germans called Kneipp; we didn’t get milk or butter, we got some type of margarine that came with a coloring capsule that had to be kneaded into the margarine to give it color. I went hungry, I was always starving. Once in a while we would get some figs at school or bananas which I would save and take home to share with my mother and grandmother, sometimes I was too hungry and ate them on the way home from school.’

NV explains that twice the houses she lived in were bombed and destroyed in their entirety. Luckily for her — if you can even call it luck — she survived. Her family had been moving and were sleeping at their old apartment. Each time they returned home to see what could be salvaged from the damage.

She concludes, recalling:

‘When the allied forces, mostly Canadian and British, finally got there, the battle for the port of Antwerp and the surrounding area was very brief. Everything seemed to go back to normal, when one afternoon a giant explosion rocked the neighborhood.  I ran up to the roof, a place I always used to go to see what was going on, and noticed a big black cloud rising.  A buzz bomb had hit one of the museums.  The Germans still had another trick up their sleeves.  This was the trial of the V1 rocket. It was meant for London, but hit Antwerp instead.  The Germans proceeded with their rockets, sending them to the Netherlands and London, but some still fell in Belgium due to miscalculations.  Shortly after that British and American forces entered Germany, marched to Berlin and Hitler committed suicide.’

NV shares her story to warn modern day Americans of the unforgettable tragedy of the past.

‘During all those years we heard Hitler speak on the radio, we also saw him in newsreels before the movies.  I can remember seeing him rant and rave, his face becoming contorted with rage.  Donald Trump emulates Hitler to a T.  HIs actions, speeches and ranting remind me exactly of Hitler. I am afraid that if he is not stopped, he will lead this country into another world war. Unfortunately, this war will not be waged with conventional weapons, and very few people will survive. And if they do, there will be nothing left to be worth living for!! I am 88 years old and I am afraid. Trump must be impeached!!!’

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[h/t: Bastards For Progress.]