JUST IN: Trump And Canadian Mosque Shooter Discovered To Have This In Common


It has now been revealed who carried out the mass shooting at a Canadian mosque late this past Sunday that left six dead, five critically injured, and many more with lesser injuries. Initial reports struggled to keep straight the number of attackers that had targeted the mosque, let alone the actual attacker(s) identity or identities.

The shooter was a Trump supporting college student, because of course it was. The hatred that the new president of the United States spews on a daily basis is so corrosive that it would be ludicrous to suggest that it’s confined to the borders of the United States.

Trump’s election to the presidency took place in the middle of a violently nationalistic political storm sweeping the entire world, with happenings such as the obsessively nationalistic move for the U.K. to leave the European Union being voted into reality by a slim majority of Brits just months before Trump’s win.

The shooter who targeted the mosque in Quebec City, Canada, late on Sunday, firing into the crowd of at least 40 people who were participating in evening prayer services, is 27 year old college student Alexandre Bissonnette.

Bissonnette’s Facebook page has been removed from the social media site since he was arrested and identified as the shooter, but, for a brief look into his mind, check out a screenshot of some of his likes that’s featured below and was captured before his account was deleted.

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(Marine Le Pen, if you didn’t know, is the French version of Donald Trump, basically.)

A Facebook group based near where the shooting took place posted a message on Facebook early Monday stating that the shooter was “unfortunately known to several activists in Quebec City for his pro-Le Pen and anti-feminist positions at Laval University and on social networks.”

He was originally not the only one suspected of having carried out the attack, but the other individual initially arrested at the same time as Bissonnette is now being treated as witness. Bissonnette is now facing six counts of first degree murder.

The fact that six people are dead today and five are critically injured is deeply, painfully, and disturbingly ironic. This past Friday, “President” Trump imposed a ban on travel from a number of Muslim majority countries in the Middle East.

Trump and his crew would have you believe that their ban is about national security and isn’t specifically discriminatory towards Muslims.

That’s not true. There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that the ban has any practical effect towards advancing national security. Thus, the only reason left for the ban is to normalize and institutionalize Islamophobia.

Featured Image via Screenshot from Twitter