California Just Made A Major Move Against Trump – Prepare For Twitter Tantrum


On Tuesday, California state legislators will hold an initial hearing for a bill that will make the entire state a sanctuary for all undocumented immigrants. The bill is an act of defiance against Donald Trump, who has said that he plans to deport millions.

Senate President Democrat Kevin de León offered a bill that a state Senate committee will hear testimony on. The bill prohibits state, as well as local, law enforcement from spending funds to enforce the federal immigration laws.

When de León introduced what he is referring to as the “California Values Act” in December, he said:

‘We will not stand by and let the federal government use our stare and local agencies to separate mothers from their children.’

This fight for sanctuary status could risk billions in federal funding for the state of California. Last Wednesday President Trump signed an executive order that promised to withhold funding from any city (or state) that refuses to comply with federal immigration laws.

Legal scholars have questioned, based on the 10th amendment, whether this executive order is even constitutional. Lawsuits will fly if Trump’s Homeland Security Department does end up going along with plans to block federal funding.

California’s new attorney general, Xavier Becerra, who was chosen by Governor Jerry Brown, would be the one to file the lawsuit on California’s behalf. Becerra, the child of immigrants, is one of 15 other Democratic attorneys general that has joined in opposing President Trump’s executive order, blocking refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The measure offered by de León that will be heard on Tuesday, is just one of a handful of similar bills that will deal with the state’s procedure for dealing with federal immigration laws.

Last week, at the State of the State address, Governor Jerry Brown said:

‘In California, immigrants are an integral part of who we are and what we’ve become. They have helped created the wealth and dynamism of this state from the very beginning.’

‘We will defend everybody — every man, woman and child — who has come here for a better life and has contributed to the well-being of our state.’

You can see Jerry Brown speaking at last weeks State of the State in the video below:

Featured Image via Getty Images.