Desperate President Trump Fires Three High-Ranking Officials In ‘Monday Night Massacre’


Welcome to the United States of Trump.

The new president has now axed three of the nation’s top law enforcement officials in the span of half a week. Trump has kicked out the head of the Border Patrol, the acting/ interim Attorney General, and the head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Mark Morgan, the now former Border Patrol head, was the first to go. Last week, in a culmination of months of conflict between him and the Trump supporting Border Patrol officers union, his removal from his job was announced.

Morgan, among other things, was not as fervently on board with the idea of the U.S./ Mexico border wall as Trump supporters would have liked. Thus, he lost his job.

As for the now former acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, she lost her job when she announced the U.S. Department of Justice would not, under her watch, make any attempt to defend Trump’s Muslim ban in court.

At that Monday announcement from Yates, the “president” was infuriated. He immediately fired her and replaced her with an obscure Republican named Dana Boente.

Writing on Facebook of Yates’s forced departure from the Justice Department, Trump claimed that she “betrayed the Department of Justice” by refusing to enforce Trump’s Muslim ban.

She didn’t betray anything. Trump’s executive order barring people from entering this country based on their national origin is the only “betrayal” that took place, especially when those national identities go along with a certain religious identity — Muslim — most of the time.

Trump has tried to defend his order by claiming that it is necessary for the security of this country blah blah blah bad hombres I’m Putin’s little baby — or something like that.

The thing is, the real substance to Trump and his team’s argument is completely non-existent. There is no substance to it. There have been absolutely no attacks committed on American soil at any time in the past several decades by people from the countries that Trump is targeting. Period.

In addition, apart from Trump’s executive order, the United States already has a strict immigrant vetting system in place.

The most recent federal agency head to go is the head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, otherwise known as ICE. Daniel Ragsdale was replaced late on Monday by Thomas Homan. No reason was immediately given. ICE agents, however, are, notably, the ones responsible for taking undocumented immigrants into custody pre-deportation, something that Trump has long said he intends to ramp up significantly.

Now, some alternative fact gorging Trump supporters have claimed that these moves aren’t worth much concern. After all, technically, Trump has the power to do what he did in firing the now former holders of those three offices. Thus, since he didn’t overstep the legal bounds of what is technically his power, then all must be fine, right?

Wrong. Get with the program, Trumpkins. We have something in this country called democracy. Even if the way we do things has deep flaws, we don’t have a one party system in this country. We have a two party system. Dialogue is a forced aspect of the way that America does government.

For Trump to fire all of these top law enforcement officials in rapid succession indicates what is at the tippy top of his priority list — and guess what, Trump supporters, it’s not you. Rather, at the top of Trump’s priorities list is himself and getting his way. He’s not interested in dialogue. He’s interested in getting his own way.

Featured Image via Andrew Harrer – Pool/ Getty Images.