Someone Just Leaked Direct Phone Numbers Of Trump White House Staffers (DETAILS)


Days following the Obama-era White House public comments line being shut down by the Trump administration, an anonymous group of concerned citizens have decided to take matters into their own hands.

These citizens have offered up their own, new and improved version of the “White House Comments Line.” The only difference between the old comments line and the new one is who exactly is on the other end when you place a call.

See, what this anonymous group has done is leak all of the direct phone numbers for Trump’s White House staffers. These are the numbers used by the new and improved White House Comments Line project, with the people driving the project choosing to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons.

Of course, you might say that it would be completely predictable for President Trump to come out in a few days and flagrantly proclaim that he had, in fact, gotten to the bottom of who leaked the phone numbers and that the leakers were facing spending the rest of their lives in prison or whatnot.

Trump has long shown that he doesn’t care in the slightest about actual facts in these kinds of situations, preferring instead to trumpet such outlandish claims as that some three to five million people voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election. That didn’t happen, period. There is no room to argue that such a massive epidemic of voter fraud rocked the nation right under our noses last year. It didn’t happen.

Anyway, a representative for the anonymous group behind the leaked phone numbers spoke of what they’d done to The Gothamist.

Firstly, the group did not leak any numbers related to federal government operations that deal with national security. This omission of national security staffers’ numbers from the leak was because the group “wanted to avoid disrupting them and keep the focus on transparency and domestic accountability.”

Indeed, such a focus is glaringly absent from the Trump administration, and not just because of the downed comments line. For example, all of the executive orders that have been flying out of the Trump White House at breakneck speed in recent days have reportedly not been the subject of evaluations as to their legality or feasibility. Rather, the virulently racist, white nationalist, former Breitbart CEO turned top presidential adviser Steve Bannon is simply writing the orders up.

A statement on the leaks given to The Gothamist reads:

‘Open communication is the foundation of a good, functioning democracy. ut it’s a two-way street. Right now there’s ‘information’ coming out of the White House to the people, but not much the other way around. They may have shut down the comment line, but we the people still have comments. In light of that, we wanted to create one way for the people to be heard.’

This new and improved White House Comments Line isn’t the only such project to be unveiled in recent days.

Former staffers of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign collected phone numbers for an array of Trump’s businesses around the world for the same purpose, reasoning that if Trump won’t completely pull out of said businesses, then there’s no reason to not share Trump related comments with said businesses.

Featured Image via SAUL LOEB/AFP/ Getty Images.