Starbucks Just Responded To Scott Baio And It Couldn’t Be More Perfect (TWEETS)


After Donald Trump’s senseless Executive Order that banned citizens of seven predominately Muslim countries from entering the United States, the popular coffee chain, Starbucks, pledged to hire employee 10,000 refugees over the span of the next five years. They pledged to do so even after losing 10 percent of their business overnight, at their Mexico City location, which took a hit following Trump’s insistence that Mexico would pay for the border wall.

Apparently, Scott Baio, who is petty and gets joy from attacking businesses, was not pleased with the coffee chain’s ambitions to assist the refugees by offering them jobs. Some of the 10,000 individuals who will be hired could quite possibly be legal immigrants who are also now at risk of being deported. On Monday Baio sarcastically questioned the company in a tweet:

‘Why not hire unemployed Blacks, Hispanics, & Veterans?’

The Twitter account for Starbucks expressed that they are honored to have the opportunity to empower and reinforce predominately minority communities such as Ferguson, Missouri.

In response to being questioned about their support of our veterans, they cleverly informed Baio that they have already made the pledge to hire 10,000 veterans by 2018. They also informed him that they have already employed 8,000 veterans.

Starbucks gave the perfect response that shut Baio up regarding their support of veterans and minorities. But he couldn’t let the coffee chain win that easily so he questioned them regarding their aid to pro-life organizations.

After suggesting that Starbucks should be supporting both Pro-life and Pro-choice organizations, someone asked Baio why someone who support two organizations that are at odds with one another.

Baio attempted to include tips on how to run a business in his response by suggesting they should support both of the opposing organizations. Baio said that this would prevent the company from appearing biased towards the liberal stance of Pro-choice. He also mentioned that by supporting both organizations they could attract customers from all walks of life.

I’m sure whoever was signed into the Starbucks account on Monday had a great laugh. Starbucks is already pleasing millions of happy customers without the aid of Baio’s “helpful” business tips.

Featured Image Via Twitter.