Brits Up In Arms – Pressuring Parliament To Make Decision On Banning Trump


Donald Trump does an impeccable job of dividing America. Unfortunately, based on new video footage, he is also having great success dividing other nations as well.

Following Donald Trump’s extremely controversial executive order banning people from the seven Muslim-majority countries and refugees, British parliament clashed on what to do about it.

Donald Trump welcomed British Prime Minister Theresa May to the United States very soon after his inauguration where May invited him on a state visit. The ‘state visit’, unlike a less formal ‘official visit’ involves staying a few days in Buckingham Palace with Queen Elizabeth II as a hostess. It typically also entails a large procession in London.

Peter Ricketts who previously worked in a top capacity in the Foreign Office, wrote to the New York Times indicating that the offer “[puts the Queen] in a very difficult position” and suggesting the demotion of the visit to only an official visit “to spare the monarch any embarrassment.”

He also strategically condemned the move by May, writing:

‘It would have been far wiser to wait and see what sort of president he would turn out to be before advising the queen to invite him.’

Meanwhile some members of the British general public demonstrated their strong opposition to the state visit, and a public petition suggesting the visit’s cancellation has reached 1.6 million signatures.

British Parliament also erupted with members of the opposition harshly criticizing the current leaders and urging them to change their attitudes on Donald Trump.

These anti-Trump statements in House can be seen in a video clip from CNN. Emily Thornberry an MP and a shadow Foreign Secretary of Labour took a strong stance right out of the gate when she said:

‘When it comes to human rights, when it comes to women’s rights, when it comes to torture and the treatment of minorities, President Trump is already descending down a very dangerous slope.’

Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary for the leading party, responded blandly that Donald Trump’s executive travel and immigration ban and refusal of refugees would not be a policy his government would consider.

Then, the opposition crucified him. Yvette Cooper, MP Labour slammed back:

‘This is not just about the impact on British citizens. One of our closest allies has chosen to ban refugees and target Muslims, and all the Foreign Secretary can say is “well it wouldn’t be our policy.” That is not good enough. Has he urged the U.S. administration to lift this order, to help refugees and to stop targeting Muslims?’

In a rant that just got better as she went, she had no qualms about drawing the historical parallel that has been drawn again and again around the world: the likeness of President Trump with Adolf Hitler.

She continued:

‘This order was signed on Holocaust Memorial Day; for the sake of history, for heaven’s sake, have the guts to speak out.’

The opposition then built on this parallel, with MP Carol Monaghan (SNP) reminding the House that “the Holocaust did not start with gas chambers.”

Dennis Skinner MP Labour also spoke out:

‘I hid under the stairs as two fascist dictators Mussolini and Hitler were raining bombs on towns and cities in Britain. Now this Government are hand in hand with another fascist, Trump. I say to the Foreign Secretary: do the decent thing and ban the visit! This man is not fit to walk in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela!’

Despite the fierce opposition to the state visit and the foreign secretary taking major hits to his character in this session, he remains undeterred. He retorted to the opposition that he finds it “distasteful” to compare Trump to a “1930s tyrant” given that he was “the elected leader of a great democracy.”

If things weren’t so terrible, I suppose we all would be rolling on the floor laughing in response to that statement. Has the British Foreign Secretary been living under a rock? Certainly he must know about all of the concerns regarding the legitimacy of this American election, given proven DNC hacks by the Russians. That information was a bombshell not just for the United States, but for the entire international intelligence community.

Watch the empowered execution of these opposition statements here:

Feature Image via Getty Images/Christopher Furlong.