The Senate Committee Hearing On Trump’s Attorney General Pick Just Exploded (VIDEO)


Senate Democrats are not going down without a fight in the struggle against President Donald Trump’s shocking picks to fill his Cabinet.

On Wednesday morning, a series of Trump’s cabinet nominees passed the committee vote stage of their respective confirmation processes in rapid succession.

One of these persons is Trump’s nominee for the office of U.S. Attorney General, Alabama’s U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions. Although Sessions eventually passed the Senate Judiciary Committee vote, coming out unsurprisingly with more committee members in his favor then opposed, at least one committee member made his opposition to Sessions abundantly clear.

The problem is simply that there aren’t as many of us as there are of them. The Republicans, the party of Donald Trump, are in control of both houses of Congress, lead every Congressional committee, and thus always have the final say.

That did not stop Minnesota’s Al Franken from setting himself up as firmly opposed to Sessions, however.

He commented of Sessions shortly before the official vote :

‘For this committee vote to advance this nomination, it is important that we know whether Senator Sessions is able or willing to separate fact from fiction and speak truth to power. I am not confident that he is.’

The problem with Sessions is simple and straightforward — he has a long history of being an opponent to civil rights. He was on the wrong side of history in numerous cases that he presided over decades ago while serving as U.S. District Attorney in Alabama.

That’s not all, though. When Franken attempted to make his case against Sessions on Wednesday morning in the Senate, Texas Senator John Cornyn attempted to roundly shut him down.

Cornyn’s cited reason? Franken was painting something that Senator Ted Cruz had said in recent days in a disparaging light, and Cornyn didn’t like that.

We’re the sensitive snowflakes?

Anyway, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley eventually allowed Franken to continue, as Cornyn continued to protest.

Watch the exchange between Franken, Cornyn, and Grassley below.

This whole debacle comes days after Trump flew into a rage at the acting/interim Attorney General and fired her after she refused to get behind his Muslim ban. At the time, he slammed Congressional Democrats for opposing Sessions’s confirmation and attempting to slow down the process — and thus completely disregarded, in characteristic fashion, the truth of Sessions’s dismal record on issues of human rights. Sessions’s record is so dismal that he was denied a federal judgeship some decades ago over the allegations against him.

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