Congressman Takes Trump To Task On House Floor – Threatens To Impeach (VIDEO)


The shoe is finally on the other foot for Republicans in the House. After eight long and painful years watching Republicans contemplate trying to impeach President Barack Obama, someone has finally rationally suggested impeaching President Donald Trump.

Congressman Mark Pocan took to the floor of the House Thursday to devastate Trump with an exquisite laundry list of his shady, unprecedented and downright morally and ethically deplorable actions.

Pocan began by re-raising the issue of Trump’s unreleased tax returns, citing that every other President in modern history had released theirs to prove to the American public that they are not being bought by foreign governments or guided by business interests. His comments on the matter come after a long saga of Trump tax-related bantering between the Donald and essentially everyone around him. His administration has recently stated that his tax returns will be indefinitely withheld, hoping to shut down the issue.

In particular, the Congressman identifies that Donald Trump could be, or perhaps already is, in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Building on that, Pocan identified the other conflicts of interest Trump has negligently permitted or intentionally created, including his new hotel conveniently minutes from the White House. This new Trump venture has already hosted foreign dignitaries hoping to gain favor with the President.

The Congressman also shared his strong opposition to President Trump’s executive order banning travel and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. In a ballsy move, Pocan informed the House that the countries in the region that were excluded from the ban are the same countries in the region the Trump Organization does business in or with.

For example, despite a significant number of terrorists hailing from Saudi Arabia, it is not one of the countries involved by the ban. Pocan asserted here, as others have previously mentioned, that by claiming the executive order keeps Americans safe from terrorism, then omitting a country where many of the hijackers came from, is absurd.

In fact, of the 19 identified 9/11 hijackers: 15 were from Saudi Arabia, two were from the United Arab Emirates and one each were from Egypt and Lebanon. Interesting that we don’t see any of the countries Trump banned (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia or Yemen) on there.

‘I’m not saying we should ban people from these countries. I firmly oppose any ban based on nationality or religion. But it is unacceptable that business interests have played potentially a role in such a destructive policy, a policy that also makes our country less safe in the long run.’

The fact that Donald Trump has business interests in Saudi Arabia, and he instead included countries that are not responsible for any deaths in the United States from terrorism, speaks volumes about his motives.

The Congressman then made Donald Trump a nice little list of things to do to fix the situation — including divesting, releasing his tax returns and rescinding the executive order:

‘Mr. President, it’s time for you to fix this. One, divest your business holding immediately to remove any suggestion of conflicts in your decision making. Two, show us your tax returns so financial interests are transparent to the American people. And three, get rid of your unconstitutional executive order, which will make us less safe and only serve to embolden our enemies. Short of that, we’ll have to take other actions, including legislative directives, resolutions of disapproval and even explore the power of impeachment.’

The Speaker then warned Congress against discussing impeachment — because heaven forbid anyone suggest anything sensible.

Unfortunately for Pocan, his list will likely go unacknowledged by President Trump, as he is reportedly too busy concerning himself with how news outlets are covering him to remain informed in political happenings.

Watch Pocan meticulously ruin President Trump with his House speech below:

Feature Image screengrab via C-SPAN