Senate Subcommittee Led By Lindsey Graham Announces Huge Investigation (DETAILS)


A significant number of Congressional leaders have set themselves firmly against President Donald Trump’s unnatural, corrupt fondness for Russia.

This fondness was put on full display during the months leading up to Election Day, as Trump trumpeted for all to hear his plans for American foreign policy with regards to Russia, should he be elected. Trump’s idea of how the U.S. should deal with Russia is basically through a one size fits all, “I love you, you love me” mentality.

For example, although Russia has been found to be the interest behind the initially ambiguous in origin months-long cyberwar against the Democratic Party, Trump has paid that piece of information no mind. He went so far, at one point pre-election day, as to literally make a public call for Russia to continue their hacking. On most other occasions that he has addressed the issue, Trump has denied that Russia ever did any hacking at all.

Now, following his election and inauguration, Trump has turned his campaign season, Russia loving rhetoric into White House policy, pledging to work with Russia on issues important to Putin and to work to lift the West’s sanctions against Russia over their invasion of the Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. Mind you, lifting these sanctions effectively condones the ongoing military aggression in the Crimea, an aggression that continues to claim the lives of innocent Ukrainian civilians.

The Congressional leaders who aren’t interested in putting up with this sort of thing include South Carolina U.S. Senator — and former Republican presidential candidate — Lindsey Graham.

Graham, in his capacity as the co-chair of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, announced on Thursday afternoon that he would be personally helping to lead an investigation into Russia’s months-long cyberwar designed to tilt the presidential race in Donald Trump’s favor. Mind you, that Russian campaign was successful, and it’s thereby unsurprising that the beneficiary of the Kremlin’s schemes — none other than Donald Trump — isn’t interested in taking the scandal seriously.

As published by POLITICO, the statement that Graham, along with his fellow subcommittee co-chair Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, released on Thursday reads in part:

‘Our goal is simple — to the fullest extent possible we want to shine a light on Russian activities to undermine democracy. Our efforts will be guided by the belief that we have an obligation to follow the facts wherever they may lead.’

Among the aims of the Congressional investigations into the Russian hacking, including the one led by Graham, includes the goal to probe any possible collusion between Russian operatives behind the pro-Trump hacking operation and operatives within the Trump campaign itself. Thus, Graham, using a line employed by several other investigation announcements, pledges to “follow the facts wherever they may lead” — even if those facts incriminate individuals who are close to Trump.

POLITICO reports that Graham’s newly announced investigation is among almost half a dozen similar probes stretching across both the House and the Senate.

Trump has taken personal issue with Senator Graham in the past, claiming on Twitter that he, along with Arizona’s John McCain, is “always looking to start World War III.”

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/ Getty Images.