Standing Rock Camp Violently Raided By Police, Tipis Burned To the Ground (VIDEO)


The people native to America have had to face absolutely disgusting treatment since settlers found their land. That disrespect is playing out in modern times via the treatment of those protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In chilling video captured by a YouTube subscriber who identifies himself as Mystic Dave, tipis on the Standing Rock Reservation can be seen burning. Reports from protesters assert that the fires were set by police.

Those present say that the raids that took place on Thursday were on private property. If this information is accurate, then the police were given a direct order that warranted trespassing to destroy the tipis.

In addition to burning tipis, eyewitnesses report that pathways are lined with armored National Guard vehicles and police are conducting themselves in a highly militarized fashion. In video captured from the site, a protester can be heard counting the tanks that lined the road; she counted at least 30.

Video of the protests, to include footage of tipis being burned, can be viewed below. As you watch, it is important to note that despite the aggressive approach being taken by police and the National Guard, protesters are extremely intentional around being aware of their body and verbal language.

Donald Trump comes from an immigrant family. Immigrants became wealthy in America on land stolen from Natives and cultivated by slaves. Trump constantly yells that he wants to “Make America Great Again,” so one has to wonder why he doesn’t give the Natives and the remaining land they have, the respect they deserve. After all, wouldn’t that be one of the greatest things he could do?

Featured Image via Getty/Saul Loeb/Staff