Federal Judge Orders Trump To Halt Part of Muslim Ban Or Be Held In Contempt (DETAILS)


Donald Trump continues to try to justify his executive order that targets Muslims and in essence, bans them from entering the United States.

What he fails to realize is that he has been warned about the new level of terrorists that his order and Islamophobia is breeding.

While it’s unfortunate that an extremist attack has taken place in France, people should find hope in the fact that their protests and resistance against Trump, specifically where the Muslim Ban is concerned, is working.

CBS Detroit reports:

‘U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts issued the order Friday on behalf of the Arab-American Civil Rights League, re-affirming that the travel ban does not apply to lawful permanent residents of the United States, including those with green cards.’

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday, and asserted that Trump’s order is unconstitutional. The suit was filed on behalf of about six permanent residents; some of them had been turned away from planes headed to the U.S.

Attorney Nabih Ayad told CBS Detroit:

‘It’s the first order of its kind across the nation. It makes absolutely certain that legal permanent residents — those with what we call in laypersons terms green card holders — can basically travel and leave the country as they please without hindrance by the executive order ban.’

Small victories count in the fight against the unconstitutional abuses of power displayed by Donald Trump. Thousands of people across the world continue to march and protest against Donald Trump and the Muslim Ban, specifically.

Judge Victoria Roberts has undoubtedly made herself a target and will likely be identified as an enemy of the Trump administration. Therefore, now more than ever, as people put their careers and lives on the lines to resist Trump, the every day citizen can’t sit idly by and watch. Those who do, will find that the next group Trump persecutes may very well be their own.

Featured Image via Getty/NurPhoto/Contributor.