Robert Reich Just Destroyed Kellyanne Conway Over ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ (DETAILS)


Robert Reich, American political commentator, former Harvard professor and former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton has had enough of Donald Trump.

Reich has taken a very strong stance against the President for a variety of reasons spanning essentially back to his campaign days. That said, like many of us, Reich has finally had enough as demonstrated by a recent Facebook post regarding Trump’s utter negligence of facts.

His lack of transparency and total willingness to alter factual data, touting instead “alternative facts” to mislead and misinform the American people has certainly gone on long enough. When it was solely a matter of him pretending he had the best attended inauguration in American history, it seemed reasonably harmless. At this stage, his “alternative facts” were drafted to protect his exceedingly fragile ego. It was petty and pitiful, but not specifically dangerous.

It did however demonstrate that this administration had no respect for the American people, since they so readily lied to them over something so petty. Reich picked up on this, and identified even then that this was going to be an administration that hid truths at all costs. On his webpage, Reich wrote a piece last Sunday entitled “Trump’s Two Step Strategy to Take Over the Truth.’ In it, he writes:

‘Donald Trump is such a consummate liar that in coming days and years our democracy will depend more than ever on the independent press – finding the truth, reporting it, and holding Trump accountable for his lies.

But Trump’s strategy is to denigrate and disparage the press in the public’s mind – seeking to convince the public that the press is engaged in a conspiracy against him. And he wants to use his tweets, rallies, and videos to make himself the only credible source of public information about what is happening and what he’s doing.’

Now however, he has Kellyanne Conway running to news outlets to share his perspective on the executive order. On top of the absolutely repulsively untrue claim that the ban makes Americans safer, Conway had the guts to unapologetically fabricate history.

She attempted to use a completely made-up, non-existent event to justify the inclusion of Iraq in Trump’s executive order. Dubbed the “Bowling Green Massacre,” Conway claimed that Iraqui nationals committed a terrorist attack in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Republicans jumped at the chance to support Conway, claiming their knowledge on the topic, but couldn’t figure out amongst themselves if it had been a shooting or a bombing.

To confirm, no such “Bowling Green Massacre” ever occurred.

Fabricating stories of terrorism really takes this whole thing way too far, regardless of whether she later claims it was an “honest mistake” or not.

See what Robert Reich had to say about that:

“I continue to be baffled at how utterly hapless Trump’s surrogates are when it comes to justifying Trump’s travel ban. They seem not to have any coherent arguments or talking points or even facts. For example:
1. During an interview tonight with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Kellyanne Conway defended the ban by referring to two Iraqi refugees whom she described as the masterminds behind “the Bowling Green Massacre.” Conway explained that “most people don’t know that because it didn’t get covered.” Hello? The reason why the Bowling Green Massacre didn’t get covered is it didn’t happen. There has never been a terrorist attack in Bowling Green, Ky., carried out by Iraqi refugees or anyone else.
2. Conway reiterated Trump’s claims that his refugee policy is similar to “what President Obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months.” More baloney. There was never a point during the Obama administration when Iraqi resettlement was stopped or banned.
3. Last weekend another senior Trump official tried to justify the travel ban by pointing to the 2015 mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. But neither of the attackers in that shooting would have been affected by Trump’s ban. One was a U.S. citizen; the other was from Pakistan and later moved to Saudi Arabia.
Is this just carelessness, or are have the Trumpists simply decided facts no longer matter? What do you think?”

What do we think? We think Hillary Clinton was really onto something when she suggested that Donald Trump would only be associated with deplorables.

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