Swedish Politicians Just Trolled President Trump Big Time – Prepare For Twitter Rant


The United States of Trump is in a class mostly by itself. There aren’t many nations that would willingly ally themselves with a nation that conducts itself as the United States does under Trump in, for example, working to ban an entire people from entering via a policy move like Trump’s Muslim ban.

The closest allies of the U.S. have gone from being nations like France, Germany, and United Kingdom to being nations like Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

In that context, Sweden just trolled Trump’s newly installed presidential administration big time via a Facebook post.

Swedish Deputy Prime Minister and Climate Minister Isabella Lövin posted a photo of herself to her Facebook page earlier this week signing a new piece of climate change related regulation for the relatively small — although large in stature — Scandinavian nation.

This new piece of legislation binds all future Swedish governments to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the nation, with the ultimate end goal of completely eliminating greenhouse gas emitting, fossil fuel based energy consumption within about three decades, by the year 2045.

The Trump administration does not bother itself much with issues of climate change, let alone actually working to bring the change to a halt. Instead, Trump and the people that he has tapped to serve alongside him have pulled such moves as jumpstarting both the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipeline projects.

Financial concerns are much greater than environmental concerns to President Trump. Both he and his notoriously inept Secretary of Energy, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, are rumored to have financial stake in the companies behind at least one of the newly jumpstarted pipeline projects.

The actual content of the law signed by Lövin is not, however, the main method that was employed in her dig on Trump.

Rather, the photo of Lövin signing the piece of legislation features her surrounded by a group of seven women. You can check out the striking photo below.

The image parodies the sickeningly unisex surroundings in which President Trump signed a piece of anti-abortion legislation on one of his first days in office.

A photo of Trump signing that legislation — surrounded by seven men, none of whom would ever be affected by the law on account of their sex — is featured below.

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Image via Screenshot from Huffington Post/ Bloomberg/ Getty Images

Featured Image via SAUL LOEB/ AFP/Getty Images.