Trump Blamed Obama for Navy SEAL’s Death – B.O.’s Administration Just Fired Back


What does President Obama have to do with 30 dead civilians including at least 15 women and children, and a dead U.S. Navy Seal in Yemen? Nothing, according to an Obama administration official.

As many have probably heard, President Donald Trump ordered the execution of his first raid as commander in chief and it was a mess. Of course, now that allegations are circling from unnamed military officials that Trump did not follow due procedure before giving the green light, Donald Trump is trying to blame President Obama and his administration.

Thursday, Sean Spicer asserted that the plan was first conceived under the Obama administration and that they delayed until after Trump’s inauguration day because the plan required a “moonless night”.

This weak attempt, however, by Trump and his staff to transfer the blame to Barack Obama is not working well. Shortly after Spicer’s comment, Ned Price and Colin Kahl issued statements which demonstrate with meticulous clarity the fact that Obama had nothing to do with the raid.

‘The decision was made … to leave it to the incoming administration, partly in the hope that more and better intelligence could be collected.’

Colin Kahl, former National Security Advisor to Vice President Biden and Deputy Assistant to Obama then took to Twitter to elaborate:

‘Some Yemen facts: 1/ [Department of Defence] worked up GENERAL proposal for OVERALL set of expanded authorities for these types of raids at the end of Obama admin…’

‘2/ The broad package was discussed in the interagency in the closing weeks of the Obama term. This particular raid was NOT discussed.’

‘3/Moreover no recommendation was made other than a recommendation to provide the next Administration with the necessary information.’

‘4/ Idea was for the next team to run a deliberative process to assess risks.’

‘5/ And, critically, Obama made no decisions on this before leaving office, believing it represented escalation of U.S. involvement in Yemen.’

‘6/ And therefore should not be something he decided a few days before leaving office. Obama thought the next team should take a careful look.’

‘7/ And run a careful process. From what I’ve read and heard, however, team Trump didn’t do a careful vetting of the overall proposal or raid.’

‘8/ Instead, Trump apparently had dinner with Mattis/Dunford and greenlit the op. I’ve heard there was a Deputies meeting the next day, but…’

‘9/ DC was brief and basically irrelevant since the decision had been made the night before.’

’10/ So, in a nutshell, Trump and his team owns the process and the ultimate decision–and the consequences.’

Even the former National Security Council Director under Obama, Eric Pelofsky chimed in, in support of Kahl’s version of events:

‘This is most important point by @ColinKahl – detailed analysis (weighing concerns) prepared for incoming team, but no decisions by #Obama’

This feels so much like those times in grade school, where you did half of your book report diligently and passed it off for your partner to do their half only to find out they did nothing and submitted ‘as is’.

Kahl was then faced with some evidence of conflicting allegations, but he did not back down:

‘If by “plans [made by Obama]” you mean package of authorities, they were [discussed] but no [recommendations were] made & no CONOP/raid approved by Obama’

‘I have no doubt [the Department of Defence] had plans, & discussed internally, but no specific CONOP/raid briefed or approved. I was in the room. Was your source?’

‘False: “Jan 6…deputies committee, recommended the plan go forward, Mr. Spicer said. “I was in meeting. No [recommendations].’

Well that settles that for now, then.

Feature Image via Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.