Trump Demands Female Staffers Dress Like ‘Women’ – Twitter Explodes (TWEETS)


Donald Trump expects his female staffers to dress like women. No problem.

Harriet Tubman was a woman. She walked miles under treacherous conditions to free hundreds of slaves via the Underground Railroad. She wore rags and hand-me-down clothing.

Mother Teresa was a woman. She dedicated her life to helping those in need, especially the poor and innocent children who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to know love, if not for her nurturing. She wore simple garments and at times, also wore rags.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s warped thinking and affinity for objectifying women means that when he says he wants his staffers to dress like women, he literally wants them in dresses. New York Magazine reports that a source close to the Trump campaign stated Trump expects female staffers to:

‘”. . .dress like women. Even if you’re in jeans, you need to look neat and orderly.” Women who worked in campaign offices “felt pressure to wear dresses to impress Trump.”’

When word of this aspect of Trump’s chauvinistic attitude become public, women everywhere took to social media to remind Trump that the greatest women in the world, don’t always look fancy or wear dresses.

Donald Trump does not respect women. No one who believes that a woman’s work ethic, abilities, etc., are tied to what she is wearing, can possibly respect women. Thankfully, women with good judgment don’t respect or pay a bit of attention to Donald J. Trump, therefore they will continue to dress however they darn well please.

Featured Image via Getty/Michael Kovac/Contributor