You Will Never Believe The Reason Trump Scrapped LGBT Executive Order – Get Ready


It’s safe to say that the gay male presence in the fashion industry world-wide, is strong. For aspiring fashion guru, Ivanka Trump, her father’s open opposition to members of the LGBT community being able to enjoy simple rights like not being discriminated against for employment, insurance, etc., is career suicide.

Friday, POLITICO reported:

‘Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump helped lead the charge to scuttle a draft executive order that would have overturned Obama-era enforcements of LGBT rights in the workplace, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation told POLITICO.’

One day after Ivanka’s line was dropped by Nordstrom, and with much chatter around Donald Trump being set to repeal the rights of the LGBT community, people are quite cynical of Ivanka’s so-called “advocacy.” The internet had strong reactions to the report of Ivanka and Jared swooping in to save the day for gays:

First of all, members of the LGBT community are absolutely entitled to the same rights as every other American. However, the message that Ivanka and Jared send when they stand up for the rights of gays while having said nothing as Donald Trump persecutes people with brown skin — Latinx and Muslims — is a direct indication that they have selfish motives and don’t truly values equality for all — unless they’re getting something out of it.

It’s admirable for Ivanka and Jared to advocate for gays. It would be even more admirable if they didn’t stand to gain from it financially. It would be most admirable if Ivanka and Jared cared about all people as much as they’re pretending to care about key members of the profession they’re looking to weasel their way into.

Watch below as Fox News outlines Ivanka and Jared’s “heroic” act:

Featured Image via Getty/Aaron P. Bernstein/Stringer.