Alec Baldwin Goes Instantly Viral While Trolling Trump On Twitter, Tantrum Coming


These days, it’s open season on the Trump Administration. Trump provides fodder for those opposed to his fascist reign every day, and every day those resisting his policies come up with some new, clever way to keep themselves free.

On Friday, actor Alec Baldwin joined the resistance — again — calling out on his Twitter feed the “racist maniac” Steve Bannon and his “dim witted second” President Trump.

Baldwin’s comments come as it becomes increasingly clear that Bannon’s role in the White House is one of calling the shots on pretty much everything.

Reports suggest, for example, that Bannon is the final source for the content of many of the incendiary executive orders that Trump has signed in recent days. Trump, by means of an executive order, recently installed Bannon on the National Security Council, showing the Director of National Intelligence the door, so to speak, in having him removed from the regular roster of NSC members concurrent to Bannon’s addition.

Bannon even wrote much of Trump’s incendiary inaugural address, although Trump initially claimed that his first remarks to the nation as president were all his idea.

On that note, there have been numerous protests lodged against Bannon, who is far from the kind of person that you want to see directing the affairs of the entire nation. He might do well as, the chief secretary for a regional arm of the KKK or something, but he’s dangerously out of place in a role that has life and death ramifications for people who aren’t just white.

Bannon is chillingly apocalyptic in his views. A recent profile of him in Time Magazine paints him as someone who is open about his belief that a “massive reckoning” is to soon take place in the United States.

So, with this horror being the present condition of the United States, Alec Baldwin took to Twitter with some truth to share, writing quite simply that “this racist maniac (Bannon) + his dim-witted 2nd cannot bring us down.”

Baldwin also observes that Trump and Bannon’s policy moves come in the context of them wanting to spite “liberal New York,” a place that, Baldwin says, Trump never found any acceptance. We all know how horribly Trump takes the idea that there’s even a possibility that someone, somewhere doesn’t like him.

Baldwin helped lead a massive anti-Trump rally in New York City the night before Trump’s inauguration. Baldwin has a now longstanding gig on Saturday Night Live parodying Donald Trump himself.

Featured Image via D Dipasupil/Getty Images.