CNN Declares War Against Trump Administration With Unprecedented Rejection


As part of his ongoing feud with CNN, President Trump recently announced that Mike Pence and other White House officials would not be appearing on the network. As part of this ban, Vice-President Mike Pence is slated to appear on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox News this Sunday, but he will not be appearing on CNN.

However, it turns out that CNN is not completely out of the loop. While they were denied an interview with Pence, the Trump administration was willing to give them a consolation prize in the form of an interview with Kellyanne Conway. However, CNN’s Brian Stelter has reported that the network ended up rejecting the offer to interview Conway.

‘Per a CNN spokeswoman: In lieu of Pence, the W.H. offered Kellyanne Conway for an interview, but CNN declined’

The reasoning behind CNN’s refusal is currently unknown. It’s possible that it was simply a way of paying Trump back for calling CNN “fake news.” It’s also possible that they simply do not think Conway is worth interviewing after the “Bowling Green Massacre” incident.

Yesterday, Stelter tweeted an article from CNN Money that argued TV networks should “think twice” before booking Conway.

‘Some critics say TV networks should think twice before booking Kellyanne Conway. What do you think?’

Since Conway’s massive blunder on MSNBC Thursday evening, she’s since stated that she meant the Bowling Green terrorist incident, where two men were arrested on terrorism charges. However, if it was an honest mistake, it was a very strange one since the word massacre, obviously, implies that people were killed. No one was killed during the Bowing Green arrests and Conway never really apologized for that part of the mistake.

Such a mistake might be forgivable if the Trump White House were willing to cut the press any slack, but it’s obvious that they are not. The president has frequently attacked the press for daring to criticize him. He has even attacked reporters for simple mistakes that they quickly apologized for.

Regardless of CNN’s reasoning, if they did choose to reject Conway’s interview, it might be a sign that their feud with Trump is just starting. Trump will likely take such a rejection personally and continue to freeze the network out of interviews and other important events.

Featured image via Getty Images.