Michael Moore Just Trolled The President So Perfectly – Trump Team Silenced (TWEETS)


Michael Moore is not here to play with Donald Trump. Moore took to Twitter Saturday night to let Trump know that his blatant disrespect of Judge James Robart was actually how the majority of Americans feel about Trump.

Moore tweeted:

Moore’s tweet was a reply to Trump’s childish shot at Judge Robart. Saturday Trump posted:

Trump lashing out at Judge Robart stems from Robart having {temporarily} blocked Trump’s immigration ban.

The Honorable Judge Robart is far from “so-called.” He was a 2004 appointee to the bench by former President George W. Bush. Robart was confirmed by unanimous vote, a fact that speaks to his fair and balanced approached to the law.

Donald Trump should’ve done his research and tempered his fingers before going on a rant against Judge Robart. CNN states that Robart has been highly praised by activists, the legal community, and politicians across party lines. By making an enemy of Robart, Trump is making an enemy of those who respect Robart’s work.

Per CNN, Robart is no stranger to being in the news or boldly addressing the needs of marginalized and underrepresented/underserved groups:

‘Robart said “Police shootings resulting in deaths involved 41% black people, despite being only 20% of the population living in those cities. Forty-one percent of the casualties, 20% people of the population — black lives matter” during a court hearing in August 2016.”‘

Trump says the Dana J. Boente led Justice Department will appeal Judge Robart’s decision, which is well within the rights of the Attorney General. However, being that another federal judge will hear and rule on the appeal it probably wasn’t a good idea for Trump to disrespect their peer, who, by all accounts is widely respected by his colleagues.

Since taking office, Donald Trump has banned a whole religious group from entering the U.S. Iran is holding military exercises in response to the Muslim Ban. He has displayed glaring insolence towards the intelligence community that would ideally gather information against the Iranians who are prepping for a possible war with America. Now, Trump has openly degraded a sitting federal judge.

Way to “Make America Great Again,” Donald Trump.

Featured Image via Getty/Paul Morigi/Contributor