CNN Ponders Permanent Ban of Kellyanne Conway – White House Silent (TWEETS)


Can the circumstances surrounding the Trump administration get any weirder or more disappointing? Possibly! In an unprecedented move, CNN is considering severing ties with Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway. The New York Times reports:

‘CNN declined to have her as a guest on Sunday — in part because the Trump administration offered her in lieu of Vice President Mike Pence, but also because of what the network told me were “serious questions about her credibility.”’

At least one person in the journalism community is actively calling for the media to completely stop giving Conway a forum to lie to the American people. New York University journalism professor, Jay Rosen tweeted:

Concerns around Conway’s integrity have been mounting since she dismissed Sean Spicer’s inauguration lies as “alternative facts.” However, open dissent around Kellyanne’s integrity reached a fever-pitch when she completely made up the “Bowling Green Massacre.”

‘I bet there was very little coverage, I bet it’s brand new information to people that President Obama had a six month ban after two Iraqis came here and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green Massacre. Most people didn’t know that because it didn’t get covered.’

According to The Washington PostKellyanne Conway said:

I misspoke one word.’

That can’t be true, though. Conway has lied about the massacre before. The Post reports:

‘Now she doesn’t seem to have misspoken; she seems to have believed that the Bowling Green massacre was a real thing. How do we know? Because she also cited it in an interview with Cosmopolitan, as the magazine revealed Monday morning. And in that interview, she described the “massacre” in more detail.’

Moreover, instead of simply owning her lie, atoning and moving on, Conway continues to insult the intelligence of the American people. The Washington Post writes that Conway said:

‘I should have said terrorists {instead of massacre}.’

Had Conway said “terrorist” her comment would’ve been:

‘…two Iraqis came here and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green terrorists.’

That, much like the concoction of a fake terrorist attack, makes absolutely no sense and gives great credence to the argument that Conway should be banned from news outlets.

Jay Rosen’s argument that continuing to give Conway a stage on which to spread her lies and deceive the American people, is a valid one. If CNN moves to ban Conway from their shows, they would be the first network to do so.

Featured Image via Getty/Mark Wilson/Staff