Hillary Clinton’s Post-Halftime Tweet About Lady Gaga Speaks Volumes (IMAGE)


During this time of social and political unrest, people are looking to see who will step-up to stand in solidarity with everyday people, be bold enough to face the bully Donald Trump and fight for what’s right. Tonight, that person was Lady Gaga.

Using her Super Bowl LI halftime stage to send a message of unity and togetherness, Gaga arguably gave the perfect mix of edge and tact while still making her stance crystal clear. Specifically, Gaga’s rendition of This Land Is Your Land, served as a blunt reminder that no one person/group gets to dictate to whom America belongs. Hillary Clinton agreed.

Via Twitter, Clinton gave a resounding approval of Lady Gaga’s performance:

Harper’s Bazaar reminded its readers that Clinton and Gaga aren’t new friends:

‘This isn’t the beginning of the singer’s friendship with the former Secretary of State. Gaga joined in on the Clinton campaign last fall and even performed at a rally for the candidate in North Carolina.’

Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only political figure to praise Gaga. The beloved Joe Biden also gave his seal of approval. He tweeted:

For those who may say Gaga didn’t do enough, didn’t make a bold enough statement, etc. It’s important to remember that everyone has their own way of doing things. Though Gaga didn’t come out giving Trump the middle finger, her message was clear and she still used her status as a celebrity to send a message of love during this time when hate is so prevalent.

To date, no Trump supporter has come out with a message of unity and inclusion, so whether you think Gaga nailed it with her performance, or missed the mark, just remember, she said something.

Featured Image via Getty/Kevin Mazur/Contributor