N.C. Pastor Just Completely Destroyed ‘Christian’ President Trump – Going Viral Fast


North Carolina Pastor, noted blogger, and social media personality John Pavlovitz is done with Trump — not that he was ever with him in the first place.

He has blogged about his issues with Trump for months, but his latest piece is notably biting in its assessment of Trump within the context of Christianity. Pavlovitz says, quite simply, that it is not fitting to call Donald Trump a Christian, and, whatever Christians follow him under the guise of Trump being a suitably Christian leader are willingly deluding themselves.

Pavlovitz thus wrote — coming from a religious perspective, mind you:

‘Christians need to speak the truth that sets them free: Donald Trump is not a Christian. Christians need to stop insisting that Donald Trump is a Christian if they really care at all about people coming to know Christ… using this man is tantamount to spiritual treason. It is a perversion of the Gospels that provides such a dissonance to the bystander, as to make Christ all but invisible. Until [Trump] says or does anything remotely resembling [Jesus], we need to stop using him and Jesus in the same breath.’

He pointed out throughout his piece the utter absurdity of suggesting that Trump’s life is even remotely reflective of something that a Christian actually following the teachings of the founder of their religion — Jesus — should accept as, well, acceptable. Indeed, millions of Christians have done just that, with Trump capitalizing on making a show of being anti-abortion and pro-gun to firmly capture the support of Christian America.

You don’t need a Christian background to be able to see the disconnect between Donald Trump and actual Christianity according to the model of Jesus. Jesus was a wilderness dwelling teacher who spent his life spreading a message of love and respect for all. Trump, on the other hand, has built his life on a foundation of the exact opposite, with plenty of examples available of his sexism and overall bigotry, among other things.

Trump has not only built his life upon that foundation, but also his presidential administration. Some of the key points of Trump’s agenda that are most grossly dissonant with Jesus-esque goals are listed out by Pavlovitz:

  • eliminating healthcare for tens of millions of poor people
  • banning refugees and leaving them stranded at airports
  • walling off Mexico and demanding they pay for the gesture
  • driving an oil pipeline through sacred Native American land
  • filling the Cabinet with billionaires
  • demonizing and banning Muslims
  • appointing a white supremacist to the highest level of government

Pavlovitz has over 125,000 Facebook followers, and writes about social issues from the context of his Christianity often.

Read the rest of Pavlovitz’s post here.

He’s not the only member of his faith community calling out Trump. Shortly before Trump’s inauguration, for example, the National Council of Churches released a public call for him “to preserve, protect and defend our nation by enacting a policy agenda that will improve the lives of the most vulnerable, not put them at greater risk.”

In another example, the sitting Pope famously called out Trump over the religious immorality of his policy proposals — and even the Pope was not immune from getting a Trump-ian clapback.

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