Sean Spicer Just Responded To Melissa McCarthy’s SNL Sketch Mocking Him (VIDEO)


You’d think the Trump administration would avoid acting like such a joke if they didn’t want the media mocking them, but clearly that thought has never crossed their minds. When you’re the laughing stock of not only the nation, but the world, you’re going to end up being the butt of a lot of jokes. It’s par for the course.

After Melissa McCarthy delivered a gut-splitting performance as White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, Spicer told Fox & Friends that he’d “rather us be talking about the issues that the president is so committed to helping Americans on.” Which, in theory, would be a lot easier to do if we had a president who actually gave a damn about Americans.

‘”It was cute. It’s funny.”‘ -Sean Spicer reacts to SNL’s portrayal of him’

Just like his boss, Spicer seemingly can’t handle being the butt of the joke. In true Spicer fashion, McCarthy ransacked journalists during a press conference, citing multiple “alternative facts” in response to their questions.

Spicer told the entertainment show Extra the performance was a bit exaggerated and over-the-top. As for McCarthy specifically, Spicer thinks she “could dial it back” a little bit and that she especially “needs to slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there.”

Spicer said he received numerous text messages following the SNL sketch, but overall, his reaction was a lot more well received than Trump’s typical Twitter tantrum after Alec Baldwin takes to the stage to annihilate him.

McCarthy didn’t hold back in her impersonation of Spicer, addressing Trump’s announcement for his supreme court nominee, McCarthy as Spicer assured the press:

‘Everyone was smiling, everyone was happy, the men all had erections, and every single one of the women was ovulating left and right.’

Referencing President Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, McCarthy’s Spicer told the press the president was busy fighting radical “moose-lambs” which escalated to her spraying a reporter with a water gun. Overall, the sketch was one of SNL‘s finest.

If you happened to miss it, watch the clip below, via YouTube:

Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.