Terrorist Leader Openly Mocks Donald Trump After Failed Yemen Raid – America Outraged


Donald Trump has received a lot of criticism for the failed raid in Yemen that took place last week, a raid that resulted in the deaths of — among others — a Navy SEAL and an eight-year-old American girl. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been doing his best to do damage control, but things just got a bit worse for the President. As Reuters reports, the leader of Al Qaeda’s Yemen branch recently mocked Trump for the poorly executed raid.

Qassim al-Raymi reportedly called Trump the “fool of the White House” in the message about the incident that was addressed to his followers. He said:

‘The fool of the White House has received a painful blow at the beginning of his journey through your hands.’

It is important to note that the recording has not yet been verified. However, the Associated Press noted that the voice sounded similar to previous recorded messages from al-Raymi.

According to The Wall Street Journal, al-Raymi also used his speech to call for his followers to continue to fight back against the U.S. for “stepping on [their] land with its arrogance and pride.”

‘My message to our lions in the battlefield [is] here comes America, stepping on your land with its arrogance and pride. Remind it with the raids of Mogadishu, the victories of Kandahar, and the persistence of Fallujah.’

‘Burn the land beneath their feet and make them hear the whispers of Satan.’

Taking into account the devastating deaths and injuries that occurred in Yemen and pairing with them the news about al-Raymi’s response, it seems safe to say that the first military operation that took place with Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief was a complete disaster. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Trump will be learning from his mistakes — which include making decisions based on 10-year-old information — or even taking responsibility for them anytime soon.

In response to questions about the raid, Sean Spicer claimed that the plan was originally approved by the Obama administration. However, Colin Kahl, a national security official who worked under President Obama, heavily refuted these claims in a series of tweets. Kahl said that, towards the end of Obama’s presidency, the Defense Department had proposed raids in Yemen, but Obama left the ball in Trump’s court when it came to deciding whether or not to carry out the proposal. Kahl explained:

‘In a nutshell, Trump and his team owns the process and the ultimate decision — and the consequences.’

The news report below, available via YouTube, provides more information on the raid in Yemen that was — regardless of attempts to pass the buck — approved by President Trump.

Featured image via MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images.