Trump Makes A Stunning Muslim Ban Announcement In Late Monday Night Twitter Rant


The president took to Twitter late on Monday night to address his Muslim ban and to bash the judicial branch of our government again.

He wrote:

‘The threat from radical Islamic terrorism is very real, just look at what is happening in Europe and the Middle-East. Courts must act fast!’

The context of this bullish statement directed at the courts is that, on Tuesday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will take up the issue of the legality of Trump’s presently suspended Muslim ban. This hearing comes as just one stop in an already long and winding legal battle between those opposed to the ban and those in favor of it.

Seattle Federal Judge James Robart ruled against the ban late last Friday, and the Trump administration has been up in arms ever since then, trying to get it reinstated.

Trump has taken to attacking the judicial branch on numerous other occasions besides this one. Indeed, tonight’s tweet represents some of his most tame rhetoric on the matter to date. In a tweet coming shortly after Robart’s initial ruling, he called him a “so-called judge,” whose decision put national security in jeopardy.

There remains, however, no evidence to suggest that any dangerous persons are free to come into the United States with the ban being temporarily suspended because of Robart’s ruling. The White House has cited security concerns in their defense of the ban, but they’ve never actually provided any substantive evidence to back those claims up. Incidents that have taken place in other countries do not in any way show that the U.S. national security system is faulty and in need of a Muslim ban.

Featured Image via MANDEL NGAN/ AFP/ Getty Images