Donald Trump Furious Over Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer On SNL (VIDEO)


Sean Spicer took the Saturday Night Live spoof on him with relative good grace, his boss Donald Trump not so much. Melissa McCarthy was brilliant in a hilarious spot-on impersonation of the press secretary on SNL. Spicer has a nearly impossible job of representing a thunderous administration while trying to build a working relationship with the press. The big man was not happy, but for a strange reason.

The president is a television addict, watching anything about him with a morbid fascination. Trump has long been a critic of anything that does not agree with his opinion¬†of himself, which includes the press and SNL. Instead of solving the world’s problems, the president is obsessing over what he sees on television, fighting an invisible war in his head with bitter tweets.

A top Trump donor gave some insight into the president’s psyche, POLITICO reported:

‘Trump doesn’t like his people to look weak.’

Apparently, Trump was most disturbed that a female comedian played the press secretary. Trump is all about appearances, even criticizing Spicer’s ill-fitting suit on his second day in the White House.

Traveling on Air Force One, Sean Spicer tried to take the SNL skit with good grace saying that it was “funny” but that McCarthy “could dial it back” a bit. He joked during an Extra interview:

‘[McCarthy] needs to slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there.’

Spicer was not the president’s first choice for the high-profile job. Allegedly, the man in the Oval Office wanted a woman, because she would photograph better. Chief of staff Reince Priebus pushed for Spicer, who had been the Republican National Committee spokesman. Now, the press secretary must know he is on shakey footing.

POLITICO reported that a person close to Spicer said:

‘He takes the job seriously but doesn’t take himself that seriously. He knows¬†that put him up on the stratosphere of recognition on a level. You’ve got to embrace it.’

Spicer seems to be taking his traditional job far more seriously than Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway, who spreads an alternative reality every time she hits the airwaves.

Check out this amazing Melissa McCarthy SNL skit on the video below:

Featured Image: Vanity Fair’s Twitter Page.