Melissa McCarthy’s Spot-On Impersonation Of Sean Spicer Has Trump Looking To Fire Him


What happens when art imitates life so well that even Donald Trump has to concede that he has buffoons on his staff? Rumors start to swirl around Sean Spicer’s employment status and whether or not Donald Trump is taking steps to fire him.

POLITICO reports that sources say Donald Trump was “rattled” by McCarthy’s portrayal of Spicer on Saturday’s SNL. Adding insult to injury was McCarthy’s gender. According to POLITICO:

‘It was Spicer’s portrayal by a woman that was most problematic in the president’s eyes.’

Woman or not, the manner in which McCarthy’s Spicer impersonation went viral so quickly, is a strong indicator that she nailed him. However, along with being made to look like a fool by a woman, the SNL skit made Spicer look feeble, unorganized, easily angered, dishonest and dumb. A top Trump donor told POLITICO:

‘Trump doesn’t like his people to look weak.’

Donald Trump has been a vocal critic of SNL’s depiction of him and his staff. However, in response to McCarthy’s rendition of Sean Spicer, Trump has been uncharacteristically quiet, another sign that insiders say hints at Trump planning Spicer’s termination.

Spicer doesn’t seem to be moved by the SNL skit. According to US Weekly:

‘Spicer, 45, shrugged off the spoof, telling Extra on Sunday, February 5, that he thought McCarthy needed to “slow down on the gum-chewing.”‘

Spicer may not be able to brush this one off with flippant jokes. POLITICO reports:

‘The SNL clip was seen by some in Trump’s orbit as devastating because it was accurate. “I thought they had Sean down pretty good,” said one Trump ally, who thought Spicer has been set up in an impossible position.’

Some who oppose Trump have questioned why there has been so much fuss around SNL‘s relentless, but hilarious, portrayals of Trump and his staff. Whether Spicer is fired or not, the mere fact that SNL has Trump reflecting on the behavior of his staff means there is hope that Alec Baldwin’s mockeries may also be having more of an impact than Trump lets on.

Who knows? Maybe SNL will do a Bowling Green Massacre skit and get Kellyanne Conway fired.

No matter what, the SNL cast was gifted four years of material when Trump took office. They’re making the most of that present and fans of the show/dissenters of Trump, are truly pleased.

Featured Image via Getty/NBC/Contributor