What Trump Just Said About President Obama Puts His Mental Stability In Question


White Privilege means you can say horrible things about a sitting president’s citizenship, question/comment on his religion, fail to defend his family against your supporters’ horrible racist remarks, question his policies sometimes using baseless claims, disrespect people with whom he shares the same skin color/ethnicity and then say, “He likes me” with no facts to support that claim. It also means you do/say the aforementioned things and dismiss your actions by saying, “Politics is amazing.”

Either former President Barack and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s “When they go low, we go high,” philosophy must work some strong magic, or Donald Trump’s narcissism and false sense of reality have once again gotten the best of him. Let’s go with the latter.

In another part of Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Trump that aired Monday night, O’Reilly gave Trump an opportunity to speak on his relationship with former President Obama. Among other things, Trump said:

‘I don’t know if he’ll admit this but he likes me. I like him.’

That’s odd, if Donald Trump “likes” former President Obama so much, why does Trump continue to insult to make personal insults about Obama and use such charged and inflammatory language when talking about him and his policies? That doesn’t sound like the kind of “like” most normal people want someone to have towards them.

When asked how he knows he is liked Trump snidely remarked:

‘Because I can feel it. That’s what I do in life. It’s called, like, I understand.’

Trump didn’t stop there with his twisted childish antics. He added:

‘He was vicious during the campaign toward me, and I was vicious toward him.’

This statement is a reminder that white privilege also means that you can victimize a person/group of people because of their religion, skin color, etc., then cast yourself as the victim. Because while Donald Trump made every effort to be the most insolent person he could be to former President Obama, by making personal attacks, Obama stuck to calling out Trump on issues that impact the American people.

Only former President Obama can confirm deny whether or not he likes Donald Trump. Quite frankly, anyone with a maturity level past eighth grade doesn’t really care how former President Obama feels about Donald Trump. That’s clearly the kind of childish topic Trump ponders.

However, President Obama has survived the kind of systemic racism that Donald Trump and his cabinet promote. Therefore, for Donald Trump to so pompously boast about being liked by President Obama, he is once again showing just how out of touch he is with the world outside of his twisted mind. If Donald Trump had any sense at all, he would atone for how he has treated former President Obama, then seek guidance from him, especially in the areas of tact and diplomacy.

The video of Trump telling Bill O’Reilly how much former President “likes” him, is below:


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