GOP Threatens To Target CNN’s Jake Tapper – Twitter Hilariously Explodes (TWEETS)


CNN’s Jake Tapper pulled no punches during his interview with Trump’s White House counsel Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday. Although CNN considered no longer interviewing Conway over the past weekend due to her “credibility issues,” Tapper interviewed her and gave her a chance to respond.

Trump supporters and the GOP, understandably, were not pleased. Tapper forced Conway to finally admit that CNN is not “fake news,” a claim Trump made from the first press conference he held. As a result, Tapper has become a right-wing target. According to reports, GOP operatives called for conservative websites to expose any discrediting information they could find on Tapper.

The CNN host and his fans decided to help with the search for dirt on Tapper with #TapperDirtFiles. Even Tapper himself offered up some juicy tidbits.

Featured image via Getty/Kirk Irwin