What Elizabeth Warren Just Did On The Senate Floor Will Blow Your Mind (TWEETS)


Last night, the GOP voted to censor Elizabeth Warren for reading a letter written by Coretta Scott King regarding Jeff Sessions. As punishment, Warren was forbidden from speaking for the rest of Sessions confirmation hearing. However,  The Hill reports Sen. Tom Udall(D-N.M.) read the letter early this morning and faced no punishment.

A few minutes after began his formal remarks regarding Sessions, Udall asked to enter the letter into the record and no one objected.

‘I would like to read into the record today the letter from Mrs. King which supports her opinion of Mr. Sessions’s lack of commitment to justice for all and leave it to my colleagues here today to assess in considering his nomination.

To me, that letter that she wrote back in March 19, 1986 goes right to the heart of what we are debating here on the Senate floor. What we are debating is our voting rights and whether we will have for the next four years or eight years an attorney general who is going to enforce the laws, particularly with regards to voting rights. So here’s her letter.’

On Twitter, Udall discussed his reasoning behind including the letter in his statements saying that King’s words should not be silenced. Some of his tweets included the hastag #LetLizspeak

‘I entered Coretta Scott King’s letter abt into the Senate record and read it from the floor—her words should not be silenced.’

‘I fully understand the importance of Rule XIX—but Mrs. King’s words and Sen Warren’s voice should not be silenced.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) also read portions of King’s letter shortly after Warren was censored. Like Udall, they received no punishment.

Warren took to Twitter this morning to thank her colleagues for their show of support and ensuring that King’s words would not be forgotten.

The fact that any senator would be censored for simply reading a relevant letter is troubling enough on its own. However, when you combine that with the fact that only a female senator was punished then things become even worse. It’s possible the GOP saw the outcry over their censoring of Warren and didn’t want to make things worse, but, then again, it’s also possible they tried to silence her simply because she’s a woman.

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