Alec Baldwin Hosts SNL And The Cold Open Will Make Trump Furious (VIDEO)


Alec Baldwin headlined the Feb. 11 episode of Saturday Night Live in a record-setting 17th time as host and the cold open was just as hilarious as expected!

In a surprising twist, the segment opened with a reprisal of Melissa McCarthy’s impersonation of Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, instead of Alec Baldwin’s Trump. The actress and comedian imitated Spicer’s notably bad speaking ability and disgust toward the news media. Spicer (McCarthy) once again bullied Glenn Thrush of the New York Times (played by Bobby Moynihan) and shouted out Trump’s chosen lies from the past week while plugging Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

The new President Trump has so far not been a fan of Baldwin’s side-splitting impersonation of him. He may not have time to tweet about the six Muslims shot dead in a mosque in Quebec City or the tornado victims in Louisiana, but he always makes time to share his thoughts on Baldwin’s performance with his Twitter followers.

After one tweet in which Trump whined that Saturday Night Live wasn’t giving him “equal time” on their show, despite the fact that he appeared as host while on the campaign trail, the actor who portrays him to outstanding ratings tried to talk sense into the thin-skinned president.

Eventually, however, Baldwin took to taunting the president’s critical tweets.

Most recently, it was Melissa McCarthy’s perfect impersonation of Sean Spicer leading a press conference that drew ire and hurt feelings from the incredibly sensitive president and his crew. Trump is said to have been furious at the fact that his press secretary was played by a woman, which Trump is said to have felt made Spicer look “weak,” but Spicer himself called the show and Alec Baldwin “mean.”

Poor babies.

Saturday night’s cold open is sure to have Trump tweeting in the morning! For video, see below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube