Piers Morgan Got Cursed Out On Bill Maher & It Was Just As Awesome As It Sounds (VIDEO)


Piers Morgan sat in as a guest panelist on Bill Maher’s HBO show on Friday night and the segment went more than a little off the rails.

Morgan did his annoying best to defend all of the insanity that has come so far from the Trump administration, but the panel was not letting him off easily. No matter how many times he insisted that everyone concerned about theĀ first three weeks of Trump’s presidency are just hysterical, the other panelists repeatedly shot him down with common sense.

When the subject of Trump’s executive order banning travel to natives of seven Muslim majority countries arose, Morgan tried once again to insist that everyone was just overreacting.

‘There is no Muslim ban. If there was…’

The audience and other panelists audibly groaned at Morgan’s comment. Australian comedian Jim Jeffies, who sat at the table as a guest, was having none of it.

‘Oh, f*ck off! He said there’s a Muslim ban. There’s a Muslim ban!’

Morgan tried once again to insist that everyone is just crazy to be upset about the unconstitutional order.

‘This is the hysteria I’m talking about! 85 percent of the world is Muslim, they’re allowed in this country.’

Jim Jeffries responded in perfect form.

‘This is what you do, Piers. You say “He hasn’t done this, he hasn’t done that, he’s not going to do all these things.” Give him a f*cking chance, mate! Hitler didn’t kill the Jews on the first day, he worked up to it!’

Morgan rolled his eyes and said, once again, that everyone is just being hysterical. No matter how many times he tried to defend his pal Trump, though, the rest of the panelists shot him down, especially Jeffries.

‘You just like that you won The Apprentice and you have a famous friend, mate. That’s all you’re f*cking worried about.’

Morgan tried to be condescending and tell Jeffries that he was “losing his audience” by arguing with him, but the audience seemed to back the Aussie comedian over the British Trump/Brexit supporting Morgan pretty fiercely.

See the full segment below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube