Bookies Reveal This About The Majority Of Americans Who Bet On Trump (DETAILS)


For the millions of people who didn’t vote for Donald Trump, the manner in which the first few weeks of his time in office have played out has got to be heartbreaking, angering and frustrating. All is not lost, though. According to those who gamble, the odds are high that Trump won’t make it through the end of his term.

POLITICO reports:

‘There’s already talk of impeachment. In fact, many are already betting on it. Gambling houses all over the world are taking in action on whether Trump, inaugurated just last month, will resign or be impeached. And the odds aren’t as long as you might think.’

POLITICO adds that British betting mega-company, Ladbrokes has placed the odds of Trump being impeached or resigning at 11 to 10. Providing even more hope to those tired of Trump’s tactics, Irish gambling medium, Paddy Power has the odds of Trump being impeached in the House at four to one.

Making the payouts even more meaningful with these odds is the fact that Republicans currently control the House and Congress. This factor is one that has been widely regarding as the primary reason why Trump will not be impeached.

Trump’s biggest enemy in his quest to stay in office seems to be Trump himself. His constant attacks on federal judges and lies of omission regarding his businesses, aren’t faring well for him. POLITICO writes:

‘Trump’s continued ties to his businesses and his attacks on federal judges have fueled talk that Congress could seek to remove him.’

Moreover, discussion around Trump’s lack of longevity in office, isn’t new. POLITICO reports:

‘Betting on Trump’s possible impeachment began shortly after his November election victory.  As far back as April 2016, constitutional scholars, pundits and even several members of Congress were speculating that his fiery rhetoric and unorthodox style might lead to impeachable offenses.’

Lewis Davey, a spokesman for Paddy Power told POLITICO:

‘With such little political experience and a rocky start in the White House, it’s understandable people have their doubts on Trump. We’re currently offering 4-to-1 for Trump to be impeached in the first six months.’

Per POLITICO, the only thing that will call all bets off: Trump’s death.

How long he’ll be in office isn’t the only thing bets are being taken on. Ladbrokes told Forbes:

‘We’d quote 500/1 for Trump to win the next Nobel Peace Prize.’

Numbers don’t lie. Between the millions of people who didn’t vote for Trump and the betting odds being against him, the reality of a highly unsuccessful Trump tenure is quite likely.

Upon the release of POLITICO’s story regarding the odds being overwhelmingly stacked against Trump’s success, people took to Twitter to sound-off:

Once again, Donald Trump, the people have spoken! In fact, they’re literally taking and making bets, against you.

Featured Image via Getty/Mario Tama/Contributor