Check Out SNL’s Latest & Greatest Jab At Trump – White House Furious (VIDEO)


Saturday Night Live is enjoying its biggest ratings boost in decades via catering to Americans put off by the Trump administration, and they’re not about to let the ball drop on this one.

Last night, as part of the now longstanding show feature throwing jabs at the Trump administration, SNL veteran and accomplished actress Leslie Jones “auditioned” to play the part of Donald Trump should the presently employed Trump impersonator, Alec Baldwin, need some time off.

‘I never dreamed that I could play the president, but then Melissa played Spicer, and I was like, yo, why can’t I play Trump?’ Jones began.

Jones went on to state that she tried to learn everything about Trump that she could. The skit then cut to Jones sitting in front of a set of television screens playing footage of Trump speaking, while Jones mocked his hand motions and mouthed in a Trump-ian voice, “Yoooge. I will drain the swamp, of tremendous Muslims.”

Throughout the course of the rest of the skit, Jones preps for her audition debut as Trump, donning a Trump-y looking wig, suit, and tie. She says that her playing Trump wouldn’t be about making a Hamilton-esque statement about race and politics, and it wouldn’t be about antagonizing Trump’s fragile masculinity. Rather, Jones said, “It’s about giving America what it wants.”

She doesn’t end up getting the part, opting to curse out and throw popcorn at the executive producer who told her no, while shouting that she’s going to “destroy this whole f*cking place.” Jones ends up smashing SNL Executive Producer Lorne Michaels’s Emmy.

SNL, as mentioned, has heartily taken on the task of parodying the Trump admin in recent months.

One of the most recent editions to the show’s lineup is Melissa McCarthy in the role of Sean Spicer. It’s been reported that President Trump has not at all taken well to the idea of a woman playing his press secretary. Such certainly wouldn’t be out of character were it to be true, since to say that Trump is obsessed with the public image of his administration would be an understatement.

Check out the SNL skit of Jones auditioning to play Trump below, via YouTube:

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.