Giant ‘RESIST’ Message Made Of Human Protestors Forms On Beach, Check This Out


An event known as Resist – NOW! congregated at Ocean Beach in San Diego to deliver a strong message to President Trump. A thousand volunteers gathered on the beach to spell out the words “RESIST!” and “IMPEACH NOW!”

The event was organized by activist Brad Newsham, who put together a similar event in 2007 to protest the actions of then-President Bush. Volunteer Joy D’Ovidio, who showed up to the event with a poster of a woman aiming a bow and arrow, told interviewers that she came to the event in service of a greater cause.

‘I’m here as part of the resistance. I’m here to protect human rights, civil rights and social justice for all. And to be a beacon for those around the world. We are not like anybody who is in the executive branch of government.’

D’Ovidio continued, saying she was taken aback by statements made by President Trump.

‘I think it’s important to send a message to a president who thinks science isn’t real. It’s ludicrous; our own scientists tell us that global warming is real.’

Native Australian Matt Holden was present for a different reason, hoping to heal the divide between Australia and the U.S. following statements Trump made to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

‘The bond between the USA and Australia goes back 100 years. We’re very close, and we feel a strong affinity with Americans.’

David A. Diaz attended the event hoping to represent the LGBTQ community. Wearing the same hat and scarf he wore at the Women’s March, he told reporters that he believed a determined resistance was the key to keeping Trump from doing any more damage.

‘I’m here representing my gays. We have to continue the opposition. It’s throwing Trump off his game.’

Despite the seriousness of their message, protestors were joyful and exuberant. Some of the people attending proclaimed their support for Muslims, LGBTQ individuals, and immigrants from Central and South America, carrying signs that said “Love Trumps Hate” and “Build Bridges, Not Walls.”

Featured image via Twitter/StrictlyRockers (@christoq)