Intel Officials Release Huge Putin/White House Announcement – Absolutely Terrifying


Donald Trump has gone back and forth about whether or not he knows Vladimir Putin. In 2013, Trump admitted to having a relationship with the Russian leader. However, in in recent months Trump has vehemently denied knowing him. Using his most common form of communication, Twitter, Trump recently said:

The ramifications of a Trump/Putin relationship are serious. In fact the intelligence community that Donald Trump has so blatantly disrespected and alienated has taken unprecedented steps by denying a security clearance for a top aide to Michael Flynn.


‘The move came as Flynn’s already tense relationships with others in the Trump administration and the intelligence community were growing more fraught after reports that Flynn had breached diplomatic protocols in his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States.’

Even more frightening where matters of national security are concerned, information has been released that hints to members of Putin’s team having access to the White House Situation RoomThe Observer reports that according a senior Pentagon official:

‘Since January 20, we’ve assumed that the Kremlin has ears inside the SITROOM. There’s not much the Russians don’t know at this point.’

Perhaps the scariest thing about the possible breaches of intelligence that Trump has ushered in, is that nothing like this has ever occurred before. According to The Observer:

‘None of this has happened in Washington before. A White House with unsettling links to Moscow wasn’t something anybody in the Pentagon or the Intelligence Community even considered a possibility until a few months ago.’

This is horrifying!

In order to truly protect the American people there has to be a relationship of mutual respect and trust between Donald Trump and the intelligence community. That trust does not exist. Because of Trump’s open disregard for information gathered by intelligence officials, his dishonesty about pretty much everything he has said, and his self-confirmed connection to Vladimir Putin, key intelligence leaders don’t have faith in Trump’s ability to properly use the information they give him.

The type of breakdown that Donald Trump has caused with the people who are experts in the areas of gathering information, connecting that intelligence to possible threats to national security, and working with other agencies to keep America safe, could prove to be deadly for the U.S. Sadly, it seems that just about everyone is aware of and cares about these facts, but Donald Trump.

Featured Image via Getty/Mikhail Svetlov/Contributor