Trump’s Presidential Approval Ratings Are In – Donald Is Going To Completely Lose It


Between Donald Trump’s childish and immature Twitter rants, the Muslim Ban, the manner in which he has disrespected the U.S. intelligence community and federal judges, and his dishonesty are just a few reasons people dislike Donald Trump.

NBC News reports another drop in approval ratings for the president, likely in light of these reasons. They wrote:

‘Since his inauguration Trump has not experienced the public opinion “honeymoon” that is usually afforded new presidents. Gallup polling shows 42 percent of Americans approve of the job he’s doing, while 53 percent oppose it. His inaugural approval rating from Gallup, 45 percent, was the lowest on record.’

While all of the aforementioned reasons explain the public’s historically high level of disdain for Donald Trump, the biggest thing weighing down Trump’s opinion rating seems to be the Mexican border wall. A recent CBC poll determined that despite Trump’s claims that Mexico will pay Americans back for the wall, that:

’79 percent of Americans believe the United States will end up paying for whatever wall gets built.’

Donald Trump has faced an uphill battle winning over the portion of the public that doesn’t like him. Sadly, he doesn’t seem to care enough to take the steps needed to become a leader more Americans like, trust and respect.

Furthermore, since Trump spends so much time on Twitter, it’s hard to believe that he doesn’t see the overwhelming number of tweets from people who absolutely despise his existence. It’s even harder to believe that seeing those tweets don’t motivate him to want to be more likable.

Tweets like the ones below serve as callous reminders that Donald Trump is neither liked nor taking steps in the direction that will lead to him being liked:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Scott Olson.