Trump Resort Member Just Posted A Picture That Puts America’s Security At Risk


Mar-a-Lago is Donald Trump’s Palm Beach, FL golf resort. It should be the playground for uppity conservatives who can’t relate to every day working people or their struggles, conversations about “those people,” golf, swimming and other things exclusive to uppity conservatives who can’t relate to every day working people.

Mar-a-Lago should not be where Rick, carrier of the nuclear football, is spending his time snapping pics with guests while carrying the highly confidential bag. According to the Smithsonian:

‘Its primary purpose is to confirm the president’s identity. It allows him to communicate with the National Military Command Center in the Pentagon. The Football also provides the commander in chief with a simplified menu of nuclear strike options—allowing him to decide, for example, whether to destroy all of America’s enemies in one fell swoop or to limit himself to obliterating only Moscow or Pyongyang or Beijing.’

Because of Donald Trump’s lack of regard for matters of national security, Rick was at Mar-a-Log snapping pics with guests. That picture has now surfaced via Twitter:

At closer glance, you’ll note that the person who posted the picture has the image set to public a strong indication that he wanted the world to see how carelessly the Trump administration is treating matters of national security. Yes, this really happened. The picture is above to prove it.

Trump was at Mar-a-Lago (spending government resources and time at a business he owns) over the weekend to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. It was in this setting that Trump received a call that makes his neglect the nuclear football even more reprehensible; per CNN, Trump got the call that:

North Korea had launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile, its first challenge to international rules since Trump was sworn in three weeks ago.’

Trump’s blunder and mockery of this nation’s security, via Rick’s desire to have a photo op with some resort goer named Richard, is yet another disgrace in the tragedy that is Donald Trump’s tenure as leader of the United States.

It has been obvious for months that Trump thinks his job is a joke and serves no purpose to him beyond stroking his twisted and demented ego. However, this is real life. While Rick was taking pictures, anything could’ve happened to Rick or the nuclear football.

It often feels like it will take something drastic like the nuclear football ending up in the wrong hands for Trump supporters to see the mess they’ve created. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

Featured Image via Getty/Pool/Pool