Michael Moore Just Demanded Treasonous Trump’s Arrest On Twitter (TWEETS)


The media is a buzz following news that former National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, resigned from his position late Monday evening.

As new information regarding Flynn’s actions surfaces following his resignation, the mainstream media has seemingly been busy sifting through the findings and collecting new information as it surfaces. And while that’s all well and good, the focus has largely been taken away from President Trump and turned toward Flynn, who many are accusing of treason.

Today, however, award-winning documentary filmmaker and liberal activist Michael Moore is turning his attention back to Trump, who he believes should also be held responsible for Flynn’s actions, and is urging others to do the same.

Instead of tweeting his thoughts about Flynn, Moore took to Twitter in the wee hours of the morning Tuesday to call for an investigation into the ties between Trump and the Kremlin. While Flynn takes the fall for this catastrophic high-profile blunder that has the world’s eyes on the Trump administration, Moore points out that the former National Security Advisor didn’t act alone.

Moore tweeted:

‘Let’s be VERY clear: Flynn DID NOT make that Russian call on his own. He was INSTRUCTED to do so. He was TOLD to reassure them. Arrest Trump.’

It’s been reported that Trump actually knew about Flynn’s multiple conversations with the Russian ambassador for weeks, however he was seemingly unconcerned about the obvious breach of national security (private citizens aren’t allowed to discuss U.S. diplomacy) until the public found out.

Despite denial on part of the Trump administration, it’s already been confirmed by U.S. intelligence that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to help Trump win. And that’s unsurprising if you consider the fact that many of Trump’s top cabinet members and aides have a ties to Russian oligarchs, as does the president himself.

Flynn is actually a personal friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. To make matters even worse, Flynn was under investigation for allegedly accepting illegal payments from the Russian government.

Trump’s awareness of Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador, coupled with his own and his advisor’s/aides financial ties to Moscow are grounds for impeachment according to some, particularly if Trump is being blackmailed by the Russian government.

Moore makes a good point: Flynn did not act alone, and it’s high time we start holding President Trump accountable for his blatant disregard for U.S. national security.

Feature Image via Getty Images.