President Trump Is Reportedly Livid Over SNL’s Newest Bannon Skit (DETAILS)


Donald Trump has made it clear that he does not enjoy Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live. Apparently, according to The Washington Post, the President is also very upset by the suggestion that was made on a recent episode of the show, that his chief of staff, Steve Bannon, is the one pulling all the strings.

In the sketch that Trump found particularly offensive, Baldwin is sitting at a desk in the Oval Office being given instructions by Bannon, who is portrayed by someone wearing a Grim Reaper costume. After performing a series of tasks as directed by Bannon, Trump is eventually moved to a miniature desk and given a toy to keep him busy so that Bannon can take over.

In addition to saying that Trump was bothered by the sketch, The Washington Post also reported that staffers are now worried about which one of them will be portrayed on the upcoming episode of SNL.

‘Staffers buzz privately about who is up and who is down, with many eagerly gossiping about which poor colleague gets an unflattering portrayal on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”‘

It’s not surprising that Trump’s staffers worry about who is going to be mocked on live television each week, especially since the portrayals of Trump and his team — led by Baldwin and recently made even better by Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer — have significantly boosted the show’s ratings.

According to Forbes, after this most recent episode, which was hosted by Baldwin, the show scored a 2.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and an overall rating of 7.2. The Baldwin-hosted episode was the highest rated episode in over six years. This season overall has been the show’s strongest in 22 years, with a 22% increase in overall viewership and a 19% increase in the 19-49 demographic.

Trump may think that “Saturday Night Live” is “a compete hit job” and “the worst of NBC,” as he tweeted last month. However, the millions of Americans tuning into the show every week, eager to see how the cast will satirize the current joke of an administration, clearly think differently.

Watch the sketch that has Trump seeing red below, available via YouTube.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.