The New Yorker Releases Cover Photo That Will Make Trump Go Berserk (IMAGE)


It’s Valentine’s Day. The day that love should transcend all and people should be free to celebrate the adoration they have for the special person/people in their lives without fear of backlash. Unfortunately for many, this isn’t always possible on Valentine’s Day, or any other for that matter.

With the leadership of this country having been put in the place with the support of hate speech, bigotry, division and exclusion, it has recently felt like Americans have lost their way where acknowledging certain freedoms is concerned. A country that is supposed to embrace, tolerate, and represent diversity is openly shunning people because of their skin color, socio-economic status, religion, and more.

When people and things are lost, they sometimes need help being found. This New Yorker cover from June 2016 is just the medicine needed for the sickness of hate that seems is becoming accepted and displayed as the norm.

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Initially published in the wake of the Orlando massacre, this cover serves as a reminder that love is love. Neither skin color, sexuality, nor gender/the choice not to identify, should have any bearing on one’s decision to follow his, her, or their heart where love is concerned.

CNN reminds readers that the Trump administration, especially Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions, are not friends of the LGBTQ communities. So on this Valentine’s Day, as you celebrate the special person/people in your life, remember that not everyone enjoys the privilege of being able to do so without their freedom to love, and possibly even their lives, being threatened.

Same love, same rights. The Constitution says those rights are inalienable. No hateful administration should be able to change that.

Featured Image via Getty/Pacific Press/Contributor.