Hoaxer & Conservative Blogger Given Key To White House Press Room (VIDEO)


Donald Trump welcomed a pro-hoax, pro-Trump conservative blog into the White House press briefing room. This is payback for the blog’s wrong-headed promotion of voter fraud claims and Hillary Clinton’s so-called poor health. Never mind that the blog spreads false rumors like suntan lotion on a hot day.

Trump’s people handed out coveted press credentials to Lucian Wintrich of the Gateway Pundit. The blog’s Washington correspondent plans to troll the media in general. Wintrich told the New York Times:

‘I don’t want to give too much away. We have some pretty solid stuff planned.’

Trump has called the news media “the opposition party,” so adding Gateway Pundit only reinforces the concern that the president is stacking the press in his own favor. Press Secretary Sean Spicer has also added questions from conservative talk-radio hosts and local broadcast affiliates via Skype to the tradition press briefings.

Spicer only took questions from a local broadcast journalist and the very conservative The Daily Caller on Monday. Both reporters lobbed softball questions about then national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Last month, Gateway Pundit distributed a false report saying a Washington Post journalist had photographed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s written notes during confirmation hearings. The journalist was not even at the hearing, but received “threatening voice mail messages and online attacks,” according to the New York Times.

Wintrich said Gateway Pundit had “broken dozens and dozens more factual stories,” but he could not cite one. The blogger told the New York Times:

‘That is the state of new media. When you are trying to get new information out there as quickly as possible, occasionally you’ll get something wrong and have to fix it. That’s how media works right now.’

Monday, Wintrich posted an image of himself behind the White House press room lectern, wearing his White House pass along with #pepe and a Pepe emoji. This refers to a symbol now used by white supremacy and anti-Semitic groups.

Jim Hoft owns Gateway Pundit and posted this on Twitter:

‘President Trump just spoke about tossing criminal migrants and I wanted to stand up and cheer!!’

It looks as if Donald Trump is going to get a look at fake news up close and personal.

Check out Spicer’s groundbreaking Skype interview:


Featured Image: Getty Images/Ben Jackson.

H/T: The New York Times.