The Trump Administration Just Made A Terrifying Syria Announcement (DETAILS)


CNN is reporting this afternoon that the Trump administration may send conventional ground troops into Syria with the stated purpose of gaining ground on ISIS within weeks.

An anonymous defense official called the suggestion that U.S. troops may be soon on their way to Syria a “point of discussion” and not a formal proposal as of yet. U.S. defense officials are working with a deadline of the end of this month, given them by President Trump, to come up with what amounts to a new and improved strategy to fight the Islamic State terror group, which holds onto territory in both Iraq and Syria.

There has been an American presence in Syria for the last few years, but it has been minuscule, consisting solely of Special Ops forces.

Concurrent to the suggestion that troops may soon enter Syria en masse, a proposal is also being floated to relax the restrictions on the number of deployed U.S. troops to Iraq. The Iraqi government would reportedly have to agree to any increase in the number of U.S. troops currently allowed to be stationed in the Middle Eastern nation, and it’s not immediately clear if they would do so.

So, in short, the Trump administration is gearing up to potentially rekindle the war in Iraq and add to that by sending traditionally organized ground troops into Syria. Trump administration officials thus pay no regard to the massive death toll that the U.S. suffered throughout the past decade. However, you can’t say that you didn’t see it coming.

Read the rest of the CNN report here. 

Featured Image via Ed Jones/ Pool/ Getty Images.