Chuck Todd Enters Twitter War With Donald Trump During Insane Press Conference


Chuck Todd is the latest media professional to come out swinging at Donald Trump. In a firm and unapologetic tweet, Todd asserted:

Several news outlets have connected Trump staffers to the Kremlin. Although he provided no proof to counter the claims by mainstream media, Trump called the reports “fake” and “false” during his Thursday afternoon press conference. It was during this presser that Todd posted the tweet.

Trump failed to use the press conference to reassure Americans that no security/safety breaches have occurred due to Michael Flynn’s or Trump’s own ties to Russia (or anyone in Trump’s cabinet for that matter). Instead, he used the podium to once again attack the media in ways that repeatedly cast him in a highly confrontational, dogmatic and unprofessional light.

A one point, a reporter asked Trump about the anti-Jewish rhetoric running rampant in the country and at times, in Trump’s cabinet. Trump demanded that the reporter have a seat. Trump repeatedly attacked those who inquired about his relationship with Putin and Russia. Although this press conference was the very place Trump should’ve been open to entertaining questions about Flynn and Russia, he shunned reporters who asked about this topic.

Like a child caught in a series of lies, Trump deflected blame and refused to be held accountable for his own lack of integrity and that of his staff. He even presented a concocted story about how the real cause for concern is leaks from the intelligence community and various federal agencies. Of course, he attacked the “fake” news as often as he could.

At a time when so many on both sides of party lines are on edge about the strong possibility of security breaches with Russia, Thursday’s press conference was the perfect opportunity for Trump to calm the legitimate anxiety that people are feeling. He didn’t. As Chuck Todd tweeted:

Chuck Todd raises a great question. However, a better one may be: Who has the guts to tell Trump that he is alienating the very Republicans who reluctantly support him, and who once openly dissented against him? This level of alienation could likely be exactly what’s needed to oust Trump and/or large chunks of his administration.

Video of Trump’s erratic behavior at Thursday’s press conference is below:

Featured Image via Getty/NBC/Contributor