Former Trump Advisor Threatens To Release Damaging Info On Reince Priebus (DETAILS)


Trump’s former long-term advisor and friend, Roger Stone, has been publicly critical of the former head of the RNC and current White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus.

Stone has now taken that enmity a step farther. As the Trump administration appears divided and rife with chaos, Stone is now making overt threats to release damaging information about Trump’s chief of staff while speaking with reporters from Politico.

‘I had this quaint idea that the chief of staff would know what he was doing. There will be more revelations about things he’s done in this job that don’t serve the president well. I promise you there will be more revelations.’

Stone is well-known as a contentious and polarizing figure who has long been a personal friend to Donald Trump. His dislike of Priebus comes at a time when many in the alt-right are critical of the former RNC chairman and Stone’s animosity reflects theirs. Breitbart, Steve Bannon’s own nationalist online publication, reported that Priebus and Bannon were often seen feuding and fighting one another for power. Bannon has since denied this claim.

Stone is also well-known for making threats of this kind. During Trump’s campaign, Stone told reporters that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks had an October surprise planned for Trump’s campaign rival, Hillary Clinton. At one point, Stone even appeared to threaten Trump in the same way.

Stone left the Trump campaign in August of 2015, just shortly after it launched. Trump told the press he fired Stone for using the campaign solely as a means to gain personal publicity, but Stone insists he quit. Once he left the campaign, he tweeted what many heard as a threat to expose embarrassing information about Trump.

So far, threats like these from Roger Stone have not amounted to much. The threat alone, however, should give the GOP and the Trump administration serious cause for concern. Is this how the entire Trump team plans to deal with disagreements?

Featured image via Getty/Win McNamee