Trump Just Woke Up & Flew Into A Russia/Putin/NY Times Paranoid Meltdown


As the Trump administration falls apart, the president continues to focus on condemning the insiders leaking information instead of dealing with those in his cabinet and on his staff having colluded with a foreign government.

This comes from the same president who gloated when the DNC was hacked and information damaging to his political opponent was made public. A full 164 times in the final month of the presidential campaigns, Trump reminded his supporters about the Wikileaks hack that seriously damaged Hillary Clinton’s chances at the White House and shook up the entire DNC. Trump expressed his approval of information leaks as long as he wasn’t the target of any of them.

Despite his constant barrage of reminders about those leaks, Trump also insisted that they had “absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election.” When it was revealed that it was Russian hackers who performed cyberattacks in order to obtain that information and pass it to Wikileaks, Trump laughed off the information and insisted that Democrats were just focusing on the hackers to detract from the damage done by the information.

Now that it’s the Trump administration being damaged, Trump suddenly doesn’t like hacking. It’s a problem now that it’s doing damage to his credibility, not that he had much credibility to lose.

The news from Washington over the past few days has not shed a positive light on those who work for Trump. The president’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was revealed to have possibly violated the Logan Act by undermining President Obama while he placed sanctions on Russia for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. Flynn was in contact with the Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak in the days after the election but before Trump was sworn in as president, which means Flynn was acting as a private citizen to discuss and possibly negotiate those sanctions with a foreign government.

Even worse, it appears that Vice President Mike Pence knew that Flynn was lying when he said he didn’t discuss sanctions during those phone conversations much earlier than he said he did, although Pence did nothing about it, which may make him just as guilty.

The New York Times broke new details on Tuesday night that “four current and former American officials” confirmed that Trump’s staffers and associates were also in contact with Russian government and intelligence officials, not just Flynn. Those conversations didn’t happen after Trump was inaugurated; they took place during the campaign.

Even Dan Rather, who covered Watergate as a reporter in the 1970s, called this a scandal that could potentially be bigger than Watergate.

It’s going to be a long four years, although its looking more and more like Trump won’t last that long.

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