CNN Panel Explodes After Trump Surrogate Puts Her Hands On NYT Columnist (VIDEO)


Well that didn’t go so well.

A panel held late Thursday night during Don Lemon’s timeslot on CNN quickly went south after Trump talking head Kayleigh McEnany put her hands on New York Times columnist Charles Blow while she presented what amounted to re-vomited up versions of Trump’s claim that all negative news is fake news.

McEnany began, ostensibly addressing Lemon:

‘I think some of my left wing counterparts are very unfair to Trump. I think any time there’s any sort of vagueness or gaps in the facts, when there’s leaks for instance, they insert sinister suspicion where it does not belong.’

It’s when she mentioned her “left wing counterparts” that McEnany put her hands on her fellow panelist, the African American Charles Blow of the New York Times.

Blow promptly cut McEnany’s remarks off to reply to this, saying:

‘No ma’am, no ma’am, no ma’am — don’t do that. Don’t touch me and then launch into your sinister motivations diatribe. That’s not gonna happen tonight ma’am.’

McEnany shot back with an unsurprisingly childish response, stating, “I didn’t realize there was a one inch barrier where I’m not allowed to get close to you, well now I know, so I’ll scoot over this way a tad bit.”

And, at that, the NYT columnist offered a bitter joke, saying to McEnany, “You can scoot until you fall off that ledge. What I’m telling you is don’t touch me.”

Oh boy, did that trigger McEnany. She took Blow’s bitter joke prompted by her denying his blunt request for her to respect his personal space as something indicative of some huge, treacherous issue.

She said to the columnist:

‘Charles, this is the problem, and what you just said to me is a lot like what Maxine Waters said to me when she said look, don’t ask to meet with me President Trump, I don’t even want to meet with you. We’re all Americans — maybe you don’t feel that way — we have one president and we should.. all be friends at the end of the day and hug it out.’

Um, okay then. McEnany’s solution to the problem of a decaying White House, a decaying stream of misinformation from the government to the public, and an overall decaying society in terms of how safe it is for minorities — is to just “hug it out.”

Weren’t we the snowflakes?

Anyway, what the panel was supposed to be discussing was President Trump’s ill fated Thursday press conference. You can watch McEnany and Blow go at it back and forth below, via YouTube:

Featured Image is a screengrab via YouTube.